Private Credit

Asia Pacific Investment Management has established an alternative asset credit investment platform that provides investors the opportunity to participate in the private placement of debt across a portfolio of loans.

Our investment strategy revolves around a disciplined credit review process and is founded on the belief that a deep understanding of companies and the industries in which they operate is critical to generating positive total returns in a risk-adjusted manner.

The strategy is focused on the placement of debt across First Mortgage, Mezzanine Debt, Construction Finance and Short-Term Bridging Finance.

We aim to minimise downside risk and protect principal by maintaining a diversified portfolio, performing intensive credit research and actively monitoring all exposures.

Credit Investment Offerings

Our private credit platform encompasses the following activities:

Structured Credit & Fixed Income

Maintains two core focuses:

  • Residential mortgage investment fund
  • Long term tradeable corporate debt offering

Private Credit

Focuses on direct lending opportunities across the capital structure.

Distressed and Special Situations

Direct mandates facilitate participation in differentiated opportunities such as capital solutions and rescue financings, and non-performing loan portfolios.